Saturday, October 4, 2008

Making Fun Of Palin

I geuss some liberals are making fun of Palin.

Out of evreyone in the campaign Palin deserves to get made fun of the most.

But can you blame her for running for vice president?

I think of it this way:

If Obama wanted me to run for Vice President (even though I have no experience in politics or foreign policy) I would get my black-ass out there and ACT like i'm QAULIFIED to be Vice President which is what Palin is doing Right Now!!?

But if you were a real HONEST PERSON you wouldnt take on a big position that you know you dont QAULIFY for.

What's your opinion? (Im always ready for an arguement)


Mountain Sage said...

I haven't decided what I think about Palin. I believe she's capable...she is the governor of Alaska but she comes across a bit ditzy, doesn't she? But, she does have some executive experience which is something none of the other candidates have.

I think I'm voting for Nader this go round.


mandomagazine said...

hmmmmmmm...... Good Point

But Executive experience doesn't win me over.

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