Friday, October 10, 2008

Benefiting From The Financial Crisis

Some guy named Paul Kedrosky says that some "tech players" will benefit from the financial crisis.

He also says that this financial crisis came about because of the lack of financial transparency.

Well.... I think many people don't read financial news at all. Also, sometimes it is hard to look at a financial news website and tell which story is more important than the other. It's too many articles bunched up in one spot.

We didn't know we were fucking up until the shit blew up in our face!!!

We need to watch CNBC and read Yahoo Finance so we can be more aware of the condition that our financial market is in.


Sahar said...

honestly, unless you have some stock investments, you're not likely to care.

It's sad but the majority of us, including myself, don't pay much attention till it's too late.

FANCY said...


financial transparency.
Can money be more translucency then they really are, because - I only see it on a paper and on that paper it stand a huge 0... ;)

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